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Welcome  to Life without  Pain!

As science learns more about the nature of pain and the body’s reaction to it, more effective treatments are being developed. These treatments can dramatically improve the quality of life for people who have suffered weeks, months, or even years of unrelenting pain.

Spine & Pain Care (SPC) provides outpatient rehabilitation to people whose ability to function is undermined by acute or chronic pain. The goal at SPC is to provide enough relief that patients can return to normal activities of daily living in comfort. Sometimes, pain medications are needed to help our patients to undergo rehabilitation and to maintain an active life style. Which treatment is right for you?

Successful pain relief for chronic pain is rarely achieved with a single therapy. Finding a treatment that works – and works well – depends as much on your condition and the options that your doctor offers as it does on your willingness to take an active role in your treatment.

Comprehensive Spine & Pain Care in Upstate South Carolina

You will receive a comprehensive examination and learn about your condition. You will be seen by a fellowship trained and board certified specialist  MD at the initial visit and for the spinal procedures.

Tests after tests, not knowing why they are done will be things of the past! We understand these tests are expensive and unnecessary. We order tests that are right for you. We spend your health care dollar is the most cost effective way. Our most important study will be MRI. You have the right to learn what tests we order. You can also learn about anticipated treatment plan based on positive or negative result of a test. All tests are done by out side facilities, not owned by us. Random urine screen is done in-house to ensure chain-of-custody.

No "cookie cutter" medicine here. Our therapeutic approach will treat your unique complaint and needs. We have a full range of options that can help you, from therapies to procedures.

We offer...

A personalized approach

Appropriate diagnostic tests

Our physician works in cooperation with family doctor, orthopedists, neurosurgeons and oncologists to ensure the most professional approach to controlling pain and restoring function. Our physician is trained by genuine ACGME accredited program at the Harvard Medical School in Pain Medicine, and is certified by member board of American Specialists in Pain and Spine subspecialties. Managing pain is no longer in the hands of the novice, one need to have accredited fellowship training and certification to safely manage pain.

Contact us or call us today 864 373 Pain for an appointment and begin to enjoy your life again!

Insurances: We accept most major insurance plans (including Medicaid ), motor vehicle insurance and workers’ compensation. Referrals: Patients may be referred to one of our offices by their physicians. Occasionally we may see patients who are unable to obtain referral. Referrals may be made by fax or telephone. We get in patients within 7-14 days.

Individualized Treatment