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Care centers are closer to home with convenient office hours. One of our centers is open on Saturdays for non-insurered self pay patients. Click here to book appointment on a Saturday.

Comprehensive Care!


We treat sciatica, neck & back pain due spine disease. We prevent spinal surgery. We help those who failed spinal surgery too.

Surgery is not the first option!


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Failed  spinal Surgery

Degenerating Discs


From simple epidural shots to spinal cord stimulator implantation are performed in our in-house suites.  We not affiliated with any hospital or not inside a hospital and therefore able to pass the savings to the patients.

X-ray and ultrasound guided procedures  

Minimally invasive spinal and pain relieving procedures.

Tired of tests after tests? Or on expensive medications ??  We offer cost effective pain treatment options with selection of medications that fits your insurers preferred medications or generic medications.

Specialized care for every patient

Medical Management of Pain

Whole body pain


Spinal Arthritis

Spinal Stenosis

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Conditions we treat :

We specialize in the treatment of pain arising from spine, bone, muscle and nerve due of  to injury, illness or accidents with therapy, medications and injections.We treat sciatica, neck & back pain due spine disease.

Practice of Aathi Thiyaga, MD

Welcome to Specialist Care

Dr. Thiyaga is a Harvard fellowship trained and triple ABMS board certified specialist in spine, pain and rehabilitation medicine



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