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FAX: 864 286 3077

Forms for NEW PATIENT:

  1. Financial Forms
  2. Medical History
  3. Privacy Information
  4. Accident forms for BCBS or

Other health plan patients.

(If  your pain is due to an accident or work injury )

  1. Medical record release

(fax this form to your current or past physician who will provide us the medical records free of charge.)

Nobody wants to wait in a doctor’s office. Your time is as valuable as ours. We take every step to get you in and out quicker. Most patients waste time filling out forms at medical offices. We have placed our forms online, save time!

Save time ! Download office forms and fill out prior to visit!!

We welcome you. You save our time by not dealing with third party. We provide the same standard of care as an insured patient. Payment plan available for procedures; sorry no payment plans for office visits. Exclusive Saturday appointments can be requested by email. Self pay agreement / Form

Avoid perfume, smoking prior to visit

Bring co-pay, insurance cards

Arrive on time, be prepared for random urine screen

Bring med bottles to every visit,

Any cancellation? Give us 24 hour notice  by email or  phone






Self  pay and Uninsured patients

Important things to  follow...



If you are returning after a previous office visit (follow up office visit) please complete this form.

Pain assessment forms / tools provided by external agency. Click here. (Complete one or many these forms upon request)

If you are returning after a pain relieving procedure we wish to learn the progress, please complete this form.

Miscellaneous forms for specific conditions:

If you are an injured worker, you need to obtain the approval of your case worker or claim adjuster. Please provide this form for authorization. Referral by your personal physician alone is not sufficient for work comp patients.

SPC specific forms:

These are password protected forms. Must be completed via our secure site. Password will be provided when the need arise.

Please revisit this page prior to your appointments for any updates.

Almost all our patients are referred by physicians.

We appreciate your referrals. Please fax this referral form to  to 864 286 3077. We will contact your patient ASAP. Appointments are given within 7- 14 days.  For urgent procedures or injections contact our office directly and speak with the manager.

Referring Physicians